Growth Driven-Design

Akrolix innovations is a Growth Driven Design Company. Growth Driven Design is agile website development or redesign of a website in intentional increments. Instead, you minimise risk by focusing on a data & audience analysis driven site launch or redesign intending to make changes based on your ongoing analysis of visitor’s needs & your lead conversions. Ultimately, this process drives results such as lead generation or customer engagement quicker because we validate as we build.

Growth Driven-Design
Boost your Success

Web analytics and lead tracking are core to this philosophy
Launch quicker and improve more often.
Design for your target audience and business purpose.
Launch less in the beginning–reducing budget risks.
Quantify and qualify as you go.
Build a healthier partnership between the client and agency

Difference b/w Traditional Website Design & Growth Driven Design

Traditional Website

  • High Risk Bet
  • Huge Time Investment
  • Large Up-front Cost
  • Often runs very late & over budget
  • Unpredictable Result
  • Built on Opinions
  • Set It & Forget It

Growth Driven Design

  • A smarter Approach
  • Launch quick & improve
  • Investment spread out over time
  • Launch on time & on Budget
  • Optimizing Result
  • Data Driven Decision
  • Month Over Month Improvement
growth driven design company in gurgaon

GDD-Two major phases of development

Phase 1: Strategy/Evaluate site users needs & goals/Launch Website

Begin with strategic thinking to evaluate your fundamental assumptions about site users (potential customers). Evaluate what their needs & goals.
Research whether your assumptions are valid or not.
Having determined where your buyer’s are in their journey & understand their points of pain, brainstorm a wish list of website needs.
What are all of the things you want on your site is ok,
Now what are the percentage that will have an actual, immediate impact?
After determining your priorities, develop & launch a website with those core features.
You’ll do this quickly, without sacrifycing quality.

Phase II: The Growth Driven Design Cycle

The fundamental principle of Growth Driven Design is continuously experimenting, learning and improving your website from data statics & analysis. In designing the content, looks & messaging, consider site usefulness, user experience, conversion rate optimization, stickiness and how to best tailor the site to the targeted person.
Once you have the information in place, you’ll move into wireframing & design then program and developed the site. Yet the need to continue testing for user experience and your goal achievement remains continue. After all, Growth Driven Design is closely related to lean marketing principles and learn quickly what works and discard what doesn’t mentality.

Essentially, Growth Driven Design is non-linear. You start out with planning & developing, then quickly move into a stage where you are analyzing data static to inform your continuous learning. A final key aspect is transferring that learning to other departments & listening to them to better apply the lessons gained from the Growth Driven Design experience for users and your internal teams.

Akrolix Innovations
Akrolix Innovations is a website designing company based in Delhi NCR Region. We have professional & experienced team of developers & designers. We believed to design a website which drive result. Website should be more than pretty brochure or templates. The website of a company should serve as a growth engine to promote the generation of opportunities and encourage sales opportunities & hence business growth
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